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Description :

With a healthy appetite, a warm fire and a Black Forest hut basket from Bollenhut, even the bad weather cant put a stop to your good mood.0.75 l Merlot OK51, Oberkircher Winzer, Baden dry red wine,0.5 l Black Forest kirsch,potato noodles,150 g original Black Forest ham,sausage from acorn-fed pig,Genuine Hällische Goulash Soup,sour cherry, chilli and chocolate jam,90 g cheese biscuits with wine,100 g Black Forest cherry chocolate.Magnet Bollenhut approx. 6 cm In Gift basket with a bow.Our Black Forest hut basket is carefully packed with all the scrumptious goodies of the Black Forest. Take advantage of the healthy lifestyle and enjoy these regional delicacies yourself or gift them to friends and family. The product contains: 0.75 l Merlot OK51, Oberkircher Winzer, Baden dry red wine 0.5 l Black Forest kirsch 250 g walnut noodles approx. 150 g original Black Forest ham approx. 300 g Black Forest hut sausage 200 g liver sausage from acorn-fed pig 400 ml Genuine Hall goulash soup 235 g Baden black cherry jam extra 100 g Black Forest cherry water thaler 100 g Black Forest Chocolate Black Forest Cherry
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