Cake with Dark Chocolate Flavor


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Description :

The dark cake base is filled with nougat cream and apricot jam, and the top is made of dark chocolate. This is the classic and most popular cake in the world. The combination of a fine chocolate cookie and a fruity jam makes for a unique taste experience. This piece was made with a lot of skill. The master confectioner spreads dark canache cream on the bottoms of the biscuits. Bittersweet couverture is used to cover the cake. The cake is cut by hand into eight pieces and has a lettering on it. About 600 grammes is the weight. About 16 cm across.

This Gift Consists Of :
The chocolate cake coats the biscuit bases with dark canache cream is hand-divided into eight pieces and decorated with a lettering. The weight is about 600 grams. Diameter: about 16cm.
As stocks are getting exhausted fast, we reserve the right to replace item of equal value without notice. Package and basket may vary.

Delivery Location: All over Germany.

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